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StudioPress Review – Is StudioPress Really the Superior Premium WordPress Theme?

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wordpress themes, studiopressOne of the things that I can tell from you reading this StudioPress Review is that you’re determined to have a powerful and great looking blog or WordPress website.

How can I tell?

Because you wouldn’t be looking into premium WordPress themes like StudioPress if you weren’t serious! The fact is that these aren’t cheap, and they prove good taste on your part.

But it’s also a fact that there are tons of companies out there selling “premium” WordPress themes. So that begs the question…is StudioPress one worth investing in for your website if there are so many others out there? Let’s pick StudioPress Themes apart and find out…

What Makes StudioPress Special (If Anything)…

The truth is that StudioPress really does live up to the title of “premium” theme. The founder Brian Gardner, and his crack team of WordPress experts, designers, graphics, and coders have created something that truly rises to the top of the pile when it comes to WordPress themes.

Here’s the thing…

Most people don’t even go for a premium theme. Most people go with the free themes and hope for the best. Those who go for premium themes are on a whole new level of professional. And thus far, it seems that those who go with StudioPress themes are on a whole different level of perfectionism.

To see that perfectionism up close and in action go check out #StudioPress by #clicking here now!

Genesis – What Is It, and WHY It Changes the Theme Game…

If you’re going to ask the question what does StudioPress have that sets them apart and makes them special and extraordinary, it’s easily the fact that they’ve developed Genesis and the others haven’t.

Genesis is StudioPress’ own framework. This is basically the foundation of their themes. The body of the car if you will! Very much like the foundation of your home, it’s the superglue that holds these themes together and makes them stand rigid and strong.

What makes Genesis unique and so powerful is that it’s built in a way that when you customize your WordPress website/blog, it’ll be extremely simple and painless, because there will be NO extra coding needed using their framework.

But there’s much more…

StudioPress Themes Are Like Search Engine Candy…

Using Genesis, StudioPress’ sites are highly optimized. StudioPress uses highly effective coding and design structure to make sure that the search engines (especially the big boy… Google) know exactly what your website is about.

Furthermore, what’s even better is that as you make changes to your website’s design, even the most drastic of changes, you’ll never have to recode your site for SEO purposes. It’s always structurally sound for SEO even with those changes. StudioPress brought in the expertise of SEO specialist Greg Boser to perfect this feature.

WordPress Sites Have a Ton of Security Issues…Not With StudioPress and Genesis…

StudioPress knows that the security of your website is important to you. There’s nothing more of a pain in the neck than having to get your website out of the grips of hackers and those who take over your site through malicious intent.

Therefore they brought in WordPress and security expert Mark Jaquith to make sure that their themes and sites were as secure as possible. They’re constantly updating their structure for new threats, and that happens automatically. You don’t have to do anything.

Great Selection of Sleekly Designed and Extremely Professional Looking Themes to Choose From…

StudioPress probably doesn’t have the hugest selection in the world, but there’s a good reason for that. The reason is that their themes are so easily and dynamically customizable, that you don’t need a ton of theme options.

With that being said, there is no doubt a great deal of themes that are centered on certain…well…themes. What that means is that no matter what industry you’re in, or what look that you’re going for – you’ll be able to find a WordPress theme for that with StudioPress.

Is There Anything Wrong With StudioPress?

Well if you want to get technical, then yes there is one thing wrong in my opinion. One of the most important aspects of any online company is customer support, in my eyes. That’s because we’re not all techies and geeks, so when something goes wrong you need answers.

The only thing that I don’t really like about StudioPress is that they don’t have email or phone support available.

However, they do have an amazingly helpful tutorial section as well as a support forum that is on top of things. You will have to announce your problem publicly, but luckily with the StudioPress support forum most everyone in there are patient and glad to help you out.

So in the end it’s not that bad of a thing. I suppose it’s also good because it means that the StudioPress people are doing what they do best… which is creating amazing WordPress Themes.

Should You Go With StudioPress?

The fact is that StudioPress is an investment. You can buy StudioPress themes pretty much ala carte, and most themes are $79 each. However, when you compare that with having someone design a site for you which won’t even be close as far as SEO, security, and aesthetics…for hundreds more, then this price is definitely well worth it.

The functionality that you’ll get, plus the professional look of your website will certainly pay for itself in the new and repeat business you get because of StudioPress Themes.

If you’re ready to go check out their themes, and pick the one that’s going to be your new website design, you can do so easily by clicking here now!

Ps: If you are not sure yet, you can check out a great Elegant Themes review here.


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