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On-Page SEO Factors…What You Need to Know for 2013 On!

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So when we think of search engine optimization, we usually think in terms of “on-page” and “off-page” SEO factors.

As far as off-page factors go, we know that linking is probably the most importing thing we can do. Getting links from high authority sites and now various other types of sites are hugely important.

But that’s not all there is to this game. There are also the very important foundational factors that are considered on-page optimization. Of course, the internet…and especially SEO… is constantly changing. This means that what was sufficient perhaps even just a year ago, won’t be sufficient today. And what’s sufficient today may not be next year.

However, things generally don’t go completely out of style with SEO. But certain tactics simply lose their effectiveness. In essence, it’s an overall strategy that tends to work, more than just one thing when it comes to on-page SEO.

Basic On Page SEO That Still Should Be Practiced…

Putting the keyword in the TITLE… This lets Google know that this is what the page is about.

Using Keyword Spread Within the Content… Doing this again supports the idea that this page revolves around the subject of the keyword.

Keyword in Headline… More supporting evidence that the page is based around this keyword.

Variations of the Keyword Inserted Into Content… Assures that the content isn’t being stuffed with keywords, while also supporting the idea that these alternate variations support the main key terms, and total subject in general.

Keyword in Alt Tags Such as Images… More evidence supporting the pages subject is indeed centered on the keyword.

Keyword Within Anchor Text of Content… Links that point to the page from other pages on the site using the keyword has the same effect of supporting the assumption that this page is in fact about that subject.

I think you get the idea. If you use these factors, then you may know that this used to work like crazy. On page search engine optimization was once MUCH easier than it is today.

Fast Forward to 2013…

On-page search engine optimization, like everything has evolved. While you should still employ the previously mentioned factors, you should be adding to those. This is because the factors that once had high priority no longer do have as much priority. There are certainly new things that should be added to the mix.

These days there are some extra steps that you can and should take for on-page optimization to get your sites to rank on Google and get that serious traffic that we’re all always after.

Distinctly Overlapping Between What a Searchers Intent Is, and What the Page Delivers…

Here’s a bit of explanation. These days, search engines are old news. So is SEO. So people don’t pay as much attention to the sites that rank first, just because they’re ranking first anymore.

They understand that these top sites were probably engineered to be there and somewhat manipulated. They’ve been burned too many times. So it’s important to make it clear (through meta tags and descriptions that show up within the results) that your page delivers on their intent, and that they’re going to benefit from clicking on your page. This is more vital than ever to stand out!

Make Your Listings in the Search Engine Results Outstanding…

I touched on that in the above point, but there are other ways to do that even more so.

  1. Use your rel=author tag so that your picture appears near the listing, which gives you more attention.
  2. Utilize to add newly available markup coding that helps the search engines recognize the data on your site through all of the html clutter.
  3. Use Video XML Sitemaps to help Google see what your videos on your site are all about, therefore ranking your site higher because of that data.

And don’t forget that an easy way to at least get the very basics of on-page SEO optimization done very quickly is to utilize WordPress and WordPress themes that have the basics already down with a template, so that your only major concerns are the newer more modern on-page SEO factors.

For a review of some of the better SEO optimized WordPress themes, that really handle on page optimization well is this GREAT review of Elegant Themes.


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