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Market Samurai Review– Should You Even Use Market Samurai?

If you’ve been involved with internet marketing for any amount of time, then you’ve likely noticed that keyword research is one of the most crucial things that you must commit to doing.

This is exactly why services such as Market Samurai have become so significant. But is a tool like Market Samurai needed? Is it worth your time, energy, and investment if there are alternative FREE tools out there? Read More

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Host Monster – What You Need to Know About Host Monster Before You Dare Look at Any Other Web Hosting Company…

Host Monster webhosting

If you’re looking for a Host Monster review then it’s critical that you read every word of this.

The fact is that no matter what we do, we always want to come ahead making the right decision. There’s nothing worse than when you find out later, after you’ve committed to a purchase, that you were dead wrong.

This is especially true for business owners or individuals who want to get their own website up and running. It’s a big commitment as far as time, work, and money. The main objective is finding a hosting company with all the functionality that you need for your business… Read More

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StudioPress Review – Is StudioPress Really the Superior Premium WordPress Theme?

wordpress themes, studiopressOne of the things that I can tell from you reading this StudioPress Review is that you’re determined to have a powerful and great looking blog or WordPress website.

How can I tell?

Because you wouldn’t be looking into premium WordPress themes like StudioPress if you weren’t serious! The fact is that these aren’t cheap, and they prove good taste on your part.

But it’s also a fact that there are tons of companies out there selling “premium” WordPress themes. So that begs the question…is StudioPress one worth investing in for your website if there are so many others out there? Let’s pick StudioPress Themes apart and find out… Read More

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On-Page SEO Factors…What You Need to Know for 2013 On!

So when we think of search engine optimization, we usually think in terms of “on-page” and “off-page” SEO factors.

As far as off-page factors go, we know that linking is probably the most importing thing we can do. Getting links from high authority sites and now various other types of sites are hugely important.

But that’s not all there is to this game. There are also the very important foundational factors that are considered on-page optimization. Of course, the internet…and especially SEO… is constantly changing. This means that what was sufficient perhaps even just a year ago, won’t be sufficient today. And what’s sufficient today may not be next year.

Read More

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The Best Spinner Review – Is This the Best Article Spinner on the Market? Find Out Now…

The Best Spinner Review
If you’re reading this review for ‘The Best Spinner’ , then it’s likely that you already understand how important fresh content is for marketing on the internet.

The internet is based around content. But as a content creator you yourself can only produce so much on your own. Your alternatives are to hire writers to constantly pump out new content for you to distribute, or to invest in a tool that takes your articles and turns those into tons of articles.

It’s a nice thought, but most article spinners produce nothing but unreadable garbage. You may have already figured that out, and so now you’re looking at “The Best Spinner” to see if it’s any different, and if it truly is the best article spinner on the market.

Read More

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Using Google’s Disavow Tool

There is a good QA session over at Search Engine Journal where Matt Cutts talks about using the disavow tool to “get rid” of bad links.

This is an older entry, but certainly worth reading.

We heard from other people, tho, that the disavow tool should really only be the last resort, after manual requests tor remove links provide unsuccessful.

It would be worth to have a study whether webmasters and SEOs elsewhere can actually confirm whether the disavow tool really works or whether it should be avoided, as some suggest.

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A New Approach after Panda and Penguin

link building and seo after penguin and pandaThere can be no doubt that after the recent, rather significant changes over at Google many webmasters and SEOs need to over-think their strategies, if not already done so. Read our tips for better SERP rankings.

Abandon Your Outdated SEO and Link Building Strategies

As heard so often, one of the rules of thumb those days should be to build websites “for your visitors, and not for the search engines”.

Even if this mantra can be heard for some time already, it looks as if some webmaster have still not realized what this actually entitles.

Above all – It’s About Content

A good SEO once told me in the earlier days “once you have your off-site right, have good, user engaging and quality content, you already have half of the rankings in your pocket”.

You can save tremendous time and SEO efforts if your on-site factors are already spot on and your main focus is quality content. Be unique, don’t rehash what anyone else already wrote on many other websites.

Most of all, stop having the search engines in your mind if you make your site or provide content.

Your Visitor Comes First

It is difficult for some webmasters to switch to this new philosophy, seeing that not even a year ago it was easy to rank websites for “difficult” terms if just some factors were “right”. But in this process, webmasters focused more on the search engines, things like keyword density etc. played a role – but not anymore.

Forget keyword density, LSI keywords and so forth and rather look at how useful your content will be for whoever will come across it.

When it comes to actual off-site link building patterns, a lot has changed here as well. While it once was easy to “spam” links and simply get as many links as possible in a short time, plus by having “enough” of the right anchor texts, this is now entirely different.

Link diversity is key now and quality must also reign when it comes to your backlinks.

Get backlinks from authority sites which are relevant to your niche. Use guest blogging. Look at anchor text diversity. Try to emulate a natural link profile as good as you can and do not use any techniques which would be dubious.

If you take all those factors into account in conjunction with a high quality site, chances are that ranking success will materialize quite early. The rest then will be easy as long as you keep the quality standard high.


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